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What is an Air Conditioner?

It is a machine or system that uses a refrigeration cycle to treat the air in an enclosed area. An air conditioner removes warm air and replaces it with cooler. Air conditioners are used in homes, residential and commercial buildings.An air conditioner provides comfort because it cools the air inside.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioners?

They reduce the possibility of getting an asthma attack.

They provide a cool and comfortable environment for indoor activities such as exercises.

Air conditioner filters keep bugs out of the house.

Also, they promote better sleep because they keep the bedroom cool.

And they can increase the productivity of any company because they improve employee comfort. So, employees will have a clear mind. And they will not feel tired throughout the day.

What the Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair?

Air conditioners break down, so they stop working anytime. But it is hard to know when your air conditioner is not working correctly. If you suspect that your air conditioner is not working properly, call a professional Air Conditioning Repair Company like AC Repair Kissimmee FL to inspect it.

The following are the signs your air conditioner needs repair.

1. Increasing Energy Bills

If your energy bills are increasing every month, it means there is an electric device consuming a lot of power in your house. If you have not added a new electronic device recently, it means your air conditioner is not running efficiently.

As an air conditioner ages or when it is not working properly, it will work hard to keep the house cool all the time. That is why it consumes too much power.

An air conditioner, which is working efficiently, does not consume a lot of power.

2. It’s Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, it may mean the refrigerant is leaking, or the compressor is broken. It is easy and cheap to fix them. However, you need to fix them immediately if you want the air conditioner to work properly again.

3. Too Much Noise

If your air conditioner is making too much noise, it needs repairs. If you hear screeching, clinking, banging, or any other sound, there is something wrong with your air conditioner. Do not ignore any noise coming from your air conditioner.

For example, when there are loose parts, you will hear loud noises. If these loose parts are not repaired or replaced as soon as possible, they can cause more damages. To avoid damaging your air conditioner, call a professional to replace the loose parts.

4. Poor Air Flow

Air conditioners have a fan, which pushes cold air through the ductwork. If the fan is not working properly, it reduces airflow. A faulty fan control board, bad blower motor, and dirty air filter affect airflow. If there is poor airflow in your home, inspect your air conditioner.

5. Leaks or Moisture Near Your System

If there are leaks or moisture near your air conditioner, it means there is a problem with your system. Sometimes the issue is minor.

For example, there may be something blocking drain tube.

This is not an emergency, but you need to fix it. Why? Because moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth.

If the moisture is because of a refrigerant leak, you should fix it immediately. Why? A refrigerant leak is a serious problem because it can lead to further questions. That is why it is much better to address this issue immediately.

6. Uneven Cooling in Your Home

When you are inside your home, you may feel that some places seem cold and other areas are extremely warm.

What causes the uneven temperature in a home? A problem with the insulation usually causes it. If there is a problem with your insulation, fix it to avoid uneven cooling in your home.

7. Unusual Smells

If you can smell a strong, pungent smell coming from your air conditioner, it may indicate that some of the wire insulations inside the air conditioner are burned. You need to replace these wires.

If there is mold growth, you will smell musty smells. If the mold spreads, it can put your health and the health of your family at risk. To avoid the spread of the mold, get rid of the mold, and repair your air conditioner. Make sure your system does not leak.

8. High Humidity Levels

An air conditioner pulls humidity from indoor air. If your air conditioner is not working properly, you will notice water pools around your windows.

If the humidity levels in your house increase, give a professional a call. A professional can quickly determine if you have a problem.

9. Your System’s Lifespan Is Up

Air conditioners have a lifespan. They do not last forever. If you have been using your air conditioner for several years, it is time to replace it. You can shop for a new and better system. Most air conditioners last for around ten years. If yours has lasted more than a decade, you can replace it immediately.

These are the signs your air conditioner needs repair. We all want to live in a refreshingly air conditioner home. However, most people do not take proper care of their air conditioners. They assume their system does not need regular inspection and maintenance. That is why most people end up replacing their air conditioners after a few short years.

Once you install an air conditioner in your home, do not forget about it. Inspect it regularly.

Also, you can hire reputable and experienced HVAC contractors to do regular maintenance. They are much cheaper to hire them to maintain your air conditioners. They will inspect your system regularly. If they notice that your system is not working properly, they will fix it immediately.

You will always have peace of mind because you will never replace your air conditioner for several years. You may use your air conditioner for more than a decade. And you will always live in a refreshingly air-conditioned home. Also, you will never have to worry about the health of your family because mold will never grow in your home.